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Ultraman Australia - 11th-13th May

Prepare to witness the pinnacle of athleticism and determination as Ultraman Australia descends upon the picturesque shores of Noosa. This multi-day ultra-distance triathlon brings together athletes from around the globe to push their limits and conquer the stunning landscapes of the Sunshine Coast.

Ultraman Australia isn't just any triathlon—it's a grueling test of endurance that spans three days and covers incredible distances through swimming, cycling, and running events. Athletes from diverse backgrounds and corners of the world converge in Noosa to take on this monumental challenge, pushing their physical and mental limits like never before.

  • Day 1: A grueling start with a 10km swim, followed by a demanding 420km bike ride, and culminating in an 84km run, pushing competitors through the night.
  • Day 2: Testing their resilience, athletes tackle another 10km swim, a 270km bike ride, and an 84km run.
  • Day 3: The final push demands everything they have left - a 7.6km swim, a 180km bike ride, and a marathon-distance 42.2km run to the finish line.

Join Us at Oceans Mooloolaba:

As Ultraman Australia unfolds against the stunning backdrop of Noosa, Oceans Mooloolaba offers the perfect retreat for athletes and spectators alike. Our luxurious accommodations provide a sanctuary of comfort and relaxation, allowing you to unwind and recharge amidst the excitement of the event. Join us as we celebrate the courage, strength, and determination of these incredible athletes, and experience the thrill of Ultraman Australia in style and luxury.

Don't miss your chance to be a part of this extraordinary event—book your stay at Oceans Mooloolaba today and witness the triumph of the human spirit at Ultraman Australia in Noosa.

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