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Top tips to help you relax in Mooloolaba

With the faint stirring of summer in the breeze now’s the time to relax on the Sunshine Coast and soak up what stunning Mooloolaba has to offer - here’s our advice on how to relax in paradise this upcoming holiday.

Enjoy the Mooloolaba spit

The Mooloolaba Spit is a stretch of land between two bodies of water - the calm inlet on one side acting as a marina whilst on the other you’ll discover the white sandy beach of Mooloolaba. It’s a magical place. Oceans Mooloolaba strongly recommends you take at least a half day to explore this area of Mooloolaba. Head out early from your accommodation and walk along the boardwalk, grab a coffee on your way and take in the rising sun and feel energised by the unfolding day. The boardwalk is a long winding, shaded path that connects the area known as the Spit to the main precinct of Mooloolaba and the best way to explore Mooloolaba. Head to the Mooloolaba Spit for Mooloolaba’s best fish and chips, fresh seafood and if you’re visiting the Sunshine Coast with children, you’ll also discover some great playgrounds offering the perfect opportunity for a picnic.

Sealife Mooloolaba

Ever noticed how relaxing watching fish swim can be? Imagine how relaxed you’ll feel after visiting one of the biggest aquariums in Australia. We’ve commented on how amazing SeaLife Mooloolaba is before and we really can’t recommend it enough. Delighting adults and children alike, SeaLife Mooloolaba, provides a spectacular arena to observe and enjoy the diverse life of the ocean. From sharks and rays to seals and the giant sea otter. Mooloolaba SeaLife is a must-do for any Mooloolaba visitor. You’ll find SeaLife Mooloolaba an easy five-minute walk from your oceans Mooloolaba location, at the Wharf.

whale watching on the sunshine coast

It’s that time of year again when the whales come to play. Every year from June to October the Humpback whale migration occurs as the gentle giants of the sea make their yearly pilgrimage south. The Sunshine Coast is perfectly positioned to view this annual journey whether by land or sea. From land head to the Mooloolaba Beach and keep your eye on the horizon as the humpback’s make incredible splashes with their breaches and tail slaps or for a truly memorable experience why not try the amazing ‘swim with whales’.

Mooloolaba Esplanade and Mooloolaba beach

Oceans Mooloolaba enjoys prime position located right on Mooloolaba Esplanade. Whether it’s shopping that helps you relax or soaking up the rays on the beach our location has got you covered. The beauty of Mooloolaba is the diversity of its offerings. Not everyone craves a dose of retail therapy and not everyone wants to head to the beach - Mooloolaba caters for both. The Mooloolaba Esplanade has become renown as a Sunshine Coast shopping precinct, offering holiday memorabilia to unique locally designed fashion pieces and everything in-between. But if shopping isn’t your thing then the beach awaits! Soak up the glorious Sunshine Coat sun and cool off in the crystal-clear azure waters of Mooloolaba Beach. Can’t decide between cruising the esplanade for the latest wares or lazing on the beach? Why not do as the locals do and toggle in-between, it’s the best way to spend a day in Mooloolaba.

Lap up the facilities at oceans mooloolaba

By now you’re well versed in the spectacular offerings of Mooloolaba and if you’ve done any of the above then you are well on your way to enjoying a relaxing holiday experience. If we could make one more suggestion to help you relax it would be to enjoy our range of excellent facilities - we’re a five-star resort after all. When staying with us we strongly recommend that you lap up the luxury and indulge. Head to the swimming pool and overlook the ocean as you catch up the latest news with a magazine or latest must-read novel. Work up a sweat in the gym or catch a movie in the indoor theatrette. And; for that truly indulgent experience why not head down stairs to the Spa Room and enjoy a therapeutical day spa experience like no other.

Mooloolaba offers a unique range of experiences that are guaranteed to help ease you into holiday mode. Whether it’s a calming walk to the Spit, a day at the beach or even swimming with the whales, Mooloolaba has something to help melt those life stresses away. With the faint stirrings of summer in the wind now is the time to take action and book your stay with Oceans Mooloolaba, get in touch today!

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